Water Repellent Double Strength

Antel Water Repellent Double Strength is a highly effective waterproofing liquid based on a copolymer acrylic. Solvent based, it has superb penetrative powers and with successful application provides a tough weather resistant, UV stable barrier.

In addition, the ingress of dirt laden moisture is prevented, keeping the structure or building cleaner and dryer and therefore minimising the risk of face spalling through the action of frost.

The water barrier supplied by the repellent also aids insulation. Untreated areas that are saturated with water have a very high thermal conductivity. This not only results in general heat loss, but generates an extra cooling effect by producing vapour which surrounds the building.

5 Litre – 25m2-35m2 Coverage Per Coat
25 Litre – 125m2-175m2 Coverage Per Coat

5 Litre - £34.05       
25 Litre - £106.58       

Size Buy 2 Buy 3+ Buy 5+ Buy 8+
5 Litre £32.34 £31.32 £30.64 £29.96
25 Litre £101.25 £98.06 £95.92 £93.79