Water-Repel Gel

water-repel-gelWater-Repel Gel Technical Datasheet

Antel Water – Repel Gel is a cream-like, odour free substrate absorbing gel based on alkylalkoxy-silanes. It confers long-lasting and reliable water repellence to brickwork, stone and render. Antel Water – Repel Gel provides excellent protection for brickwork against efflorescence and water soluble pollutants as well as against frost damage and the attack of micro-organisms.

Antel Water – Repel Gel is a viscous cream which exhibits the following characteristic properties:

drip-free application.
water and solvent-free.
high concentration of active ingredients.
alkaline stable.
does not form a film.
Penetrates deep in to the substrate
can be applied without any loss, in one single step and without material running.
exhibits a strong beading effect.

The substrate must be clean and dry. Cracks etc must be repaired prior to application. Chase out cracks and re-point. Damp or salts present due to a
failed damp proof course must be remedied. Contact Antel Ltd. For advice. Clean dirt, pollutants, efflorescence and moss prior to application. Mask/cover areas such as windows and doors and any areas where Antel Water – Repel Gelshould not be in contact with.

Antel Water – Repel Gel can be applied by roller, brush or airless spray. Due to its creamy gel, white yet opaque character, a drip free application onto walls and ceilings is possible with the added advantage of being able to see the previously applied area. The silane active ingredient penetrates the substrate within 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the porosity of the substrate. The milky-white cream gel disappears without any residues. As an added precaution, Antel recommend applying to a sample area first to ensure suitability.
Resistance to rain is can be one hour of application. Full cure up to two weeks depending on weather conditions.

In general, a single application of Antel Damp-guard is sufficient.
Dense brickwork – approx.25m2 per 5 litres.
Extremely porous brickwork- approx. 12m2 per 5 litres.

Clean thoroughly after use and with water.

Antel Water – Repel Gel must not be exposed to direct sunlight or frost. A storage temperature within a range of + 5 to + 25 °C is required.

At least 9 months unopened, stored as above.