Welcome to Penetrating Damp from Antel, market leaders in preventing and removing damp.

Welcome to Penetrating Damp. We are an established coatings designer/manufacturer, operating from our modern well equiped factory.

The Antel range includes products for Remedial Treatments, Adhesives & Putties, Water Repellents, Sealants, Paints & Specialist Coatings, Pond and Swimming Pool coatings, Cleaners, Mortars & Fillers, Epoxy & Cementitious Grouts, Repellents, Joint Sealants, Silicones & Acrylics, Plasticisers, Accelerators, Waterproofing & Bonding agents.

We provide an extremely efficient delivery service and most products can be despatched for next day delivery.

Antel products such as Stonetone Plus are used to permeate friable masonry, to produce a tough water resistant polymer which lines the pores. The final result is the integrity of the treated surface being restored and the damage caused by penetrating water reduced throughout.

Our products won’t stain or discolour the chosen surface they’re used on and are completely unaffected by U/V light, harsh weather or chemicals.

The application of Antel Stonetone prevents the absorption of liquids and water into building materials such as brick and stone. Antel Stonetone penetrates deeply into the masonry providing effective, long lasting protection against water and improves the lifespan of the treated surface, along with bridging small cracks.